Prince Harry No Longer Member Of The Royal Family

HarryLgHe asked attendees at a recent Canadian conference to call him simply Harry, as he begins his final round of public engagements before escaping from the traditional duties of the British royal family. Prince Harry’s full birth name was His Royal Highness Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex.

So, if you want to erase all the royal names, now you can call Queen Elizabeth simply Liz. Also Peter the Great is plain Pete, King Arthur is Arty, King Henry the 8th now just Hank, Julius Caesar now Julie, Czar Nicolas is Nicky, Richard the Lionhearted as Dickie, Queen Victoria now Vickie and Kaiser Wilhelm is just Willie.

ABC TV’s The Bachelor Seeks Seniors Looking For Love

LoversOldNow in it’s 24th season of matching up younger lovelorn participants, the network will feature senior citizens with the urge to merge. It’s a casting call for people over 65 who are looking for love.

If that’s your current romantic state of mind and body, go to, and sign up for the program. The Bachelor producers list their qualifications as “outgoing single men and women in their golden years for a new exciting dating show!” So, if you’re eager to meet, match and merge, and maybe on TV get lucky in love, apply for the program!

No More Royal Titles For Prince Harry and Wife Meghan

RoyalsThey’ll still be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but said they won’t call their private charity the Sussex Royal Foundation. There is no legal jurisdiction by the Monarchy or other government officials over the use of the word ‘Royal’ overseas. However, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are complying with Queen Elizabeth’s wishes that reduced the couple to private subjects of England.

Of course, the restrictions also don’t apply to Americans using the word royal. It may continue to be used when describing your in-laws, politicians and creditors as royal pains in the ass.

Movie About Haunted White House To Be Produced

WhHouseLgAs if the Washington DC home of presidents isn’t already bedeviled by Democrats fighting each other to become the next resident. Imagine the ghosts of long-gone chief execs floating through the hallowed haunted halls.

For example: George Washington trying to find his false teeth, Abe Lincoln looking for his stovepipe hat, Tom Jefferson seeking his pregnant slave lady and Teddy Roosevelt yelling for his ghost troops to charge up San Juan Hill. And ancient Bernie Sanders crying on the White House lawn, “Hey, let me in! I’m almost 80, but I’m yet a ghost!”

The TV movie will tell the story from a soon-to-be-completed book, “The Residence”. It tells about President Franklin Pierce and First Lady Jane Pierce, who claimed paranormal White House visions of their dead son.

Japanese Americans: CA Says Sorry After Nearly 80 Years

I was 15 when Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, and as with most Americans, my resulting anger immediately hated Americans of Japanese descent. The U.S. entered World War II after Japanese aircraft bombed the Navy base in Hawaii in 1941, killing more than 3,oo0 sailors.

Because the U.S. government feared some Japanese-Americans would help Japan with sabotage, almost immediately 120,000 Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps. They were locked up thru the war years, and it took eight decades for the California Assembly to apologize. The regret was for imprisoning Japanese-Americans and helping the U.S. government send them to internment camps.

Adding to the regret today is that although those nations were also our enemies at the time, there was no internment during World War 2 of German nor Italian Americans. Also, despite the fact that as an older teenager, I served in the Navy during WW2 in the Pacific campaigns, my feelings for Japanese-Americans is now one of respect for their rights as U.S. citizens.Jap

As Bernie Leads The Pack, Rumors Say Russia Is Helping Him

SandrsLgAlways leaning left throughout his long political career, Sanders now must fight the damage Russian support can do. It can kill his chance of winning the Democratic nomination and the White House this November. Bernie is burning up about it. He called Russian leader Putin an “autocratic thug who is attempting to destroy democracy and crush dissent in Russia.”

Continuing his rant. “Let’s be clear. The Russians want to undermine American democracy by dividing us. And unlike the current president, I stand firmly against their efforts, and any other foreign power that wants to interfere in our election!” So, OK. Bernie, we understand. You want to win the nomination and election the good old American way. With billions of bucks from Wall Street billionaires!

Hey, Smoker: You Stink At Every Possible Time And Place!

ApeSmokLgWhether it’s huff, puff, vape or hacking cough, your nicotine addiction is obnoxiously offensive to anyone unfortunate enough to be near you! Even when not actually blowing the smelly smoke into the air, your breath, hair, skin and clothing give out a permanent reek of the poisonous odors.

Airplane, bus, small room, elevator, train and anywhere else you are, you foul up the air. Of course, you’ve made many pledges to quit. If there’s your young family who must endure your habit daily, maybe they’ve almost succeeded in helping cure your addiction. So consider another benefit.

A cigarette pack costs $8, and if you smoke one daily, totals about $3,000 a year. Think of what you and loved ones could do with that money. Cruise, luxury resort week, Las Vegas play\buffet. Also, as a final benefit, by giving up nicotine addiction, realize that regular smokers live an average of 13 years less than non-smokers. Consider all the fun you can have with the extra time among loving family and friends!