Actors Who Played Action Heroes Beyond Age 65

With the many current awards shows honoring young actors and actresses, this old guy tends to ignore them. I like actors who’ve been around for awhile.

When most working people hit age 65, they’re ready for Social Security years. However, some actors who make it to that advanced age and beyond would rather continue to show the world they can still leap, fight and love as well as they did in younger years. Here are five examples of those who succeeded:

Sylvester Stallone: Though his younger Rocky days of running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art are long gone, Sly can still do the action parts. In the 2013 film, Bullet to the Head, he was a New Orleans killer for hire, kidnapper and all-around bad guy. His dyed black hair, craggy face and still-fit physique made him look at least a decade sprightlier than his 66 years.

Clint Eastwood starred in and directed the action film in 2000, Space Cowboys. Age 69 at the time, Clint portrayed a former Air Force test pilot recalled by NASA to go into space to repair a damaged satellite. The action doesn’t involve gunfights, but the physical requirements and courage Eastwood’s steely character displays in high-flying adventures make the story believable.

Three years before his own death from cancer at age 72 in 1979, John Wayne starred as an Old West gunfighter dying of cancer. The Shootist was set in 1910, and in the very first scene, Wayne’s hero outshoots a bad guy.

The final scenes required him to engage in a dramatic saloon gunfight that resulted in his killing of three bad guys. His character then dies after a bartender shoots him in the back, but not before he impresses a young teenager portrayed by Ron Howard of his shooting skills.

In 2011 at age 68, Harrison Ford starred in an improbable science-fiction, Cowboys & Aliens. With six-shooter blazing, Ford rode and fought just as hard as the younger characters. Their job was to save Absolution, their New Mexico desert town in 1875, from destruction by evil creatures from outer space.

Kirk Douglas, now 100, at 82 suffered a severe stroke that permanently slurred his speech. He starred as a feisty old former boxing champ in the 1999 film, Diamonds. Despite obvious vocal handicap, he portrayed the role with the usual Douglas bravado and acting skills. A father and grandfather on a road trip, he’s determined to find a hidden stash of stolen diamonds.

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