Has ƒ¶æ∆ Show Biz Gone Into The ƒ∑å∆ Gutter?

Remember the old saying when people needed their mouths washed out with soap? My, my, it’s enough to make a sailor blush! For example, according to recent news, a concert by Brit singer Adele featured her spewing out 56 bathroom and/or sexual swear words.

Of course, cursing on stage isn’t new. Back some 30 or so years ago, comedians Lenny Bruce and George Carlin based their routines on breaking the ban on dirty talk. But, as usual, when human behavior barriers are breached, they soon become floods of misbehavior.

Today, movies, cable TV programs, stand-up comedy and other show biz media are overflowing with profanity. We can only fearfully guess what’s next. Could it be something as disgusting as the honorable President of the United States jumping into a wrestling ring and beating the shit out of a CNN reporter?

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