91-Year-Old Gymnast Stars On TV Show

I’m the same age, and manage two one-hour hikes and a 30-minute swim every day. However, if I were dragged into a gym and told to do squats, push-ups, climb a rope, chin myself or spin on parallel bars, fuggetabotit!

The Steve Harvey daytime show recently featured a nonagenarian gymnast, Johanna Quaas, doing an amazing series of exercises on the parallel bars. How does she do it at 91? No mystery for we old health freaks. It’s the same positive advice every lazy-butt retiree should embrace.

She eats only healthy foods, exercises at least an hour a day and gets eight hours of peaceful nightly snoozing. She does admit to sipping a bit of evening schnapps, but never got hooked on puffing poisonous nicotine.

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