Attention, Gamblers: Nevada Legalizes Marijuana

Las Vegas and Reno attract this old guy with glittering entertainment, posh hotels, never-ending buffets and flashy casinos. Of course, all of that isn’t just to make customers happy.

Strip it all away, and the purpose is to take your money. This isn’t a lecture about the evils of gambling, but just a simple warning, particularly to elders who enjoy spending twilight years time in the Silver State.

Casinos may now decide to use legal marijuana as they do free booze. While you’re gambling, employees may keep you supplied with fresh weed. Over-indulgence fogs the brain and besotted gamblers become less likely to make intelligent decisions at the tables and slot machines.

Take warning! Therefore, while gambling in Nevada and other casinos, as with excessive booze, go easy on the weed. Realistically, your chances of winning are still slim. However, if your head is clear, at least the odds are slightly better. Then you may be able to keep some of your hard-earned bucks for those ungrateful kids and grandkids.

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