Is Donald Trump The Worst President Since….

Uh, wait a minute. How about some others who were not so great: Obama, Bush guys, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, Nixon, Johnson, Hoover, er…maybe Chester A. Arthur. Anyhow, the current Trump fuss isn’t all about him. So, what’s so wrong with the Trump kids playing footsie with the Russkies? It isn’t the first time.

This old sailor remembers during World War 2, when the great Franklin D. Roosevelt sat down with friendly dictator Joe Stalin. We all cheered about what best buddies they were. Fighting allies against the evil Germans. And joined in helping the noble Chinese fight off the brutal Japanese.

Then, soon after the war, when haberdasher Harry Truman was president, things were quickly reversed. Our new pals, Germany and Japan, helped us stand up against the evil Russkies. Soon, in 1950, when North Korea invaded South Korea, we all knew the evil Russkie and Chinese Commies were their best buddies.

So, we got involved in a war that still hasn’t ended. Everyone is still frightened today, including the Chinese and Russkies, about a fat little North Korean dictator with a funny haircut. He’s now boasting he can send nuclear rockets to wipe out all the evil Americans.

Can anyone blame this very old and confused guy, who served in World War 2 and Korea, for not naming Donald Trump the worst? Our current leader of the free world will have to work very hard in screwing up to match those other guys.

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