Old Guy Reflects On Sex: We’re All Accidents

These days, it seems we’re inundated with sex in the media and everywhere else. It’s our President grabbing crotches, movies full of dirty words, rock stars spewing curses and smartphone porn.

Of course, preachers and little old ladies are still shocked at what they religiously believe. We’re breaking down behavior rules that have kept our society clean for two centuries. However, let’s just consider the reality of sex. Whether we originated in a honeymoon hotel suite, cheap motel room or the back seat of a car, very few of us were planned by our parents.

As with all animals, Mother Nature uses sex as the necessity to continue our species. All the romancing, smiling, grunting, groaning and sweating are just part of the natural process. So, next time you put on your sexiest clothing, bathe yourself in sweet scents and join that special person. Enjoy an evening that begins with dining, dancing, romancing, dirty talk movie or TV, but be aware.

Your mother may be shocked at what you’ll be doing to top off that special evening. Nevertheless, happily realize you’re only following Mother Nature’s requirements for keeping the planet occupied. Of course, whether it’s worth all the effort in this violently troubled world is something to consider later.

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