Delta Airlines: Ann Coulter Bumped From Seat

The fiery Republican spokeswoman booked an economy ticket on a Delta flight. When she was about to get all comfy in the cheap seat, an attendant ordered her to move to allow another passenger to take it. Ann Coulter let her feelings be known in angry online rants.

Unlike most of we peasant flyers, super-wealthy Coulter can well afford a big, wide, lay-back private first-class compartment on any flight. She earns huge bucks from her news columns, popular book sales and $50,000 speeches at universities and conventions.

Why she booked a cheap seat hasn’t yet been revealed. Lucky for Ms. Coulter, United didn’t take the next step in punishing her for complaining. Fortunately, she wasn’t beaten, dragged down the aisle and tossed off the flight. So, what to do if it happens to you?

Agree to move, but always ask politely if you could take an unsold seat in a higher-class section. It usually works for this old traveler when I must give up my cheap seat, and I fly more comfortably without extra charge.

Flight attendants have a tough job, and frequently must cope with this kind of disruption. Therefore, some understanding and cooperation from a reasonable passenger can often bring favorable results to all involved.

Anyhow, if your seating problem isn’t resolved to your satisfaction at flight time, don’t rant at the attendant and complain online. Provide all details to your travel agent and the airline’s officials. It could result in some nice dollars and/or future free flights.

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