Washington DC: Doctor Dignified Death Decision

Hey, grandpa and grandma. Try this nice cool cocktail Dr. Sawbones just prescribed. Or the nurse with the long needle guarantees to give you a nice long nap. And then we’ll always think kindly of you old guys later when we’re out spending all your money.

The so-called Death With Dignity Act of 2016 for the Nation’s Capital City will go into effect when the President signs it. And then, nice Washington families of terminally ill locals over age 18 can activate a doctor’s needle or prescription to send them off to permanent dreamland. With dignity, of course.

Therefore, loving relatives, be sure to heed the instructions. You’re not allowed to do the deadly deed in a public place. That means don’t off grandpa while he’s boozing at his fave downtown pub. Nor should you rub out grandma while she’s dining on the senior special platter at Denny’s.

A final thought about death with dignity in Washington DC. Can you name any terminally brain-dead politicians there who richly deserve the honor much more than your grandma and grandpop?

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