Holy ¥†®ƒ! Ant’ny Scaramucci Has A Filthy Mouth

Consider the low-down gutter language the newly-ordained senior advisor to President Trump used when talking to a New Yorker reporter. Haven’t heard those kind of creative obscenities since my Navy days. So, where the hell did this ƒ∂ß∆¶§’ Harvard Law School grad and former bad-ass Wall Street banker learn such shocking words?

He never served in the military, so he didn’t acquire the ƒ∫¶§©ß language as a soldier, sailor or Marine. One clue may be that according to his bio, fellow school students gave him street-wise nicknames of Scar and Mooch. Still a relatively young guy of 53, he was raised on genteel Long Island, not New Yawk City’s Heck’s Kitchen.

So, why did former suburban youth Anthony Scaramucci acquire such language? Does he realize he sounds like Ant’ny, a toilet-mouthed movie character or tough ƒ¥†¢£ from Don Corleone’s family? And to top off all the cussing, Scaramucci’s wife just sued him for divorce. She blamed it on his “naked political ambition”. Well, OK, naked isn’t quite a dirty word, unless you do get naked and lucky with another person.

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