TRUMPeters Need Mouths Washed Out With Soap

A day or two ago, newly anointed (and now canned!) White House Communications Director Ant’ny Scaramucci cursed to a reporter with locker-room language. Hours later, Trump advisor Roger Stone talked dirty to the media in describing Senator John McCain.

Of course, with movies and TV now pounding more and more of the formerly forbidden filthy words into our delicate ears, we shouldn’t be surprised. Today, talking dirty is both the social and political way of making a point. Even if in some cases, as with the White House pals of the president, the point is the top of the blabber’s head.

Anyone remember the old parental threat of washing out the mouths of smut-talking kids? Some foamy soap should be applied immediately into those loud-blaring TRUMPeters.

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