Today’s Nutcase Trio: Are We In The 1930s Again?

Back then it was bad guys Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, all drooling to conquer the world. Now, we must put up with a new crazy threesome of goofy-looking dictators: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and America’s Donald Trump.

Almost every day, one of the new blowhards tries to outdo the others with crazy talk. Duterte just said Oxford University is “a school for stupid people” Yeah, sure. Some of really dumb grads include Stephen Hawking, Oscar Wilde, T.S. Elliot, Sir Walter Raleigh and a dozen British prime ministers.

What is it with Duterte and Trump? The more they speak the more they show they’re in jobs beyond their capabilities. And of course, even more menacing, the fat little freak in North Korea is insanely playing with nuclear weapons that could devastate the world.

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