Deja Vu: NK Hate Against US For More Than 65 Years

When I was recalled for Navy active duty in the Korean War in 1951, I remember seeing anti-USA posters from North Korea. Many depicted cruel GIs invading and killing innocent Asian kids.

Now, in my advanced old age, I realize the hate between the nations and same propaganda scenes have never ended. And today, with both nations headed by pompous clowns, the hate has intensified to dangerous levels.

Following World War 2, enemy nations that had tried to destroy each other eventually shared peace. One of America’s strongest allies today is Japan, and relationships with Germany and Italy are totally friendly and cooperative. Even hatreds of the later war in Vietnam have cooled off with open trade and tourism.

However, after six decades, and with both countries pointing advanced nucelar weapons at each other, the USA and North Korea can literally destroy the world. For those of us who know the history of the Korean War, we can’t help feeling President Harry Truman was totally wrong in firing General MacArthur in 1951.

The general’s plan was to use massive force to destroy the Communist regime and free all of North Korea. If that had happened then, maybe today we wouldn’t have to endure the hate-USA propaganda and insane dictator. And much worse, wait for the first nuclear armed missile to arrive on American soil.

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