Gotta Admire Snake Oil Salesman Michael Moore

Some of we oldest of ancient geezers remember the traveling carnivals that wheeled from town to town back in pre-TV days. Always featured was a fast-talking barker who sold bottles of fake medicine from the back of a wagon. Very similar to the so-called miracle drugs advertised endlessly day and night on TV.

Moore has been famous for decades with yapping documentaries about how wealthy capitalists are stealing money from America’s downtrodden citizens. During all that time, he continues to enrich himself into multi-millions with income from TV, books and lectures. Thankfully, he hasn’t yet started pitching miracle meds from the back of a wagon.

Michael Moore hasn’t run out of get-rich-quick schemes. He just opened in a one-man show at the Belasco Theater on Broadway in New York City. For only a hundred or so bucks per seat, you can buy tickets to hear him rant for several hours.

Of course, it’ll all be about the snake oil he has been spouting out endlessly for free on TV. Those old snake oil barkers would be Moore than proud of their talented descendant.

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