Warning: Avoid Phony Hurricane Harvey Charities

Along with positive benefits of the internet are the inevitable on-line thieves. They started a decade or so ago with fake promises of money deals. Because many of the ads came from dank basements in India, China and Africa, the English spelling and grammar were laughably phony. For all but the most gullible users they were, and still are, easy to spot and avoid.

However, with the growing sophistication of the internet today, the thieves have also upgraded their crooked postings. A prime example is in the aftermath of the terrible destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey to Corpus Christi, Houston and other Texas cities. There are many ongoing news reports of phony internet money pleas.

If you want to help the victims of the hurricane, the simplest and safest way is to donate directly to a major charity or local church. Ignore all online pleas for money, even those that appear to be from legitimate charities. Choose from familiar names, such as Salvation Army and Red Cross. Simply donate to a local branch or church in your area by personal visit or snail mail.

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