Colorado Judge: No No To Public Sex Offender List

He declares exposing those exposers unconstitutional. And now that the sky-high mountain state has also legalized marijuana, all kinds of fun activities will break out. Many famous people are now breathing deep sighs of relief and anticipation.

To name a few celebrants of the happy news, there’s old Bill who can now openly (as in exposed zipper) cheat on Hillary. And all those brassy generals and admirals who fool with female subordinates can now freely sexually offend. They won’t have to worry about having their swords broken and then be drummed out of the fortress.

How about all those piously religious icons who can now conduct uninterrupted masses and messings with choir boys. Also, movie and TV moguls will be permitted to conduct more intimate interviews with aspiring young actresses.

And, of course, our nobly horny President will be legally free to gently grab girly genitals to his heart’s content.

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