Mrs. Trump Not First To Wear Historic High Heels

Why is everyone upset just because Melania was fashionably dressed and shod on the President’s trips to flooded Houston? If you didn’t sleep through history class, you’d know her outfit was traditional for First Ladies during historic moments. For instance:

Martha Washington got all gussied up with hoop skirt and stilettos to welcome George home from Valley Forge.

Abigail Adams was fashionally clad in fancy gown and high heels as she joined John at the Boston Tea Party.

Mary Todd Lincoln wore a fancy gown and pointy heels that night when she went with Abe to Ford’s Theater.

Edith Roosevelt’s dainty feet were in fashionable Rough Rider stiletto booties when she accompanied Teddy as he charged up San Juan Hill.

Julia Grant and Mary Anna Custis Lee wore bustle gowns and dainty high heels while serving tea at Appomattox Court House. Meanwhile, hubbies Ulysses and Robert E. discussed erecting future statues to be later torn down.

Hillary Clinton was all dressed for the Inaugural Ball with gown and stiletto heels when she suddenly opened the door to Bill’s White House Oval office and … well … you know…

1 thought on “Mrs. Trump Not First To Wear Historic High Heels

  1. Jon

    You are a funny guy, Ted. Saw a video on that indicated that Melania got off of Air Force One wearing sneakers. Able to change shoes midair. Imagine that!



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