What The Hell Has Happened To The LA Dodgers?

They lost again yesterday in a no-contest 8 to 1 rout to the usually docile Colorado Rockies. The Dodgers have dropped 10 in a row, 15 of their last 16. They’re behaving like a minor league team trying to play with the big boys.

Because of the early and mid-season string of amazing victories, the Dodgers were a sure bet to make it to the play-offs and on to the World Series. Before the historic losing slide, as of August 25, the Dodgers were ahead by 21 games. Now, the lead is just nine, with only seven games left in the regular season. Win or lose, the team will still make it to the National League Wild Card games starting October 4.

Questions: Why have the Dodgers suddenly collapsed? Is it merely a bored bunch of grossly overpaid jocks just going through the motions? Why are they barely showing up for meaningless end-of-regular-season games?

Is it a clever money-making plot? If the team had merely continued winning just about every game, fans may have decided to stay home. Then the suckers wouldn’t be ripped off by those inflated ticket prices, heavy parking fees and overpriced ballpark snacks. Hey, Dodger fans: What the hell, win or lose, the super-rich pro jocks will still get those multi-million-buck paychecks.

Incidentally, in 1927, Babe Ruth earned $100,000. When he was told it was more than the U.S. President was paid, he replied, “Well, I had a better year.”

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