Hillary Clinton Making Millions On “How I Lost”

Her lecture tour about losing the election is expected to bring Hillary enormous riches. Conor McGregor, who just lost that dance contest to Floyd Mayweather made more than $100 million.

What if other losers in history had profited by having their butts kicked? For example:

Napoleon after Waterloo: My millions for loser speaker fees are tucked safely here in my shirt.
Cornwallis vs Washington in Yorktown: Damn it! I wanted to call that new city Cornwallis DC!
Kaiser Wilhelm after World War 1: OK, we lost. Let’s get another guy with a funny mustache and try again in another 20 years.
Hitler in WW2 Berlin Bunker: Nope, Willy, we lost our deutscher arsches again.
Robert E. Lee: Now that the damn Yankees won the Civil War, they’ll go on to win all those World Series.
David vs Goliath: Dave won because I was stoned.
Czar Nicholas vs Lenin: Ty che, blyad! I lost at Russian roulette.

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