Irma Did It: Old Folks Dead In Nursing Home

The hurricane knocked out electricity in the Florida area for several days. The newspapers are all bent out of shape because it allegedly caused the deaths of those dearly departed elderly patients.

Hey, newsies, let’s get real. In any nursing home, in any week, anywhere in the US, residents die. They’re there because the families can no longer take care of the very elderly people, and along with the adult diapers, send them to that final destination.

Visit a nursing home at any time, and all you’ll see are comatose, bedridden elderly and walking skeletons shuffling mindlessly in the hallways. Then, they die. Of course, it’s tragic for the family when the inevitable happens just days, weeks or months after the old people are brought there to die.

It’s even more heartbreaking for the sad nursing home owners, because the deaths cause the outrageous fees of $5,000 a month per patient to suddenly cease. Oh, the humanity!

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