How To Make A $mart Career Change

The first priority: Cash, moolah, bucks, greenbacks, bread! Let’s get real. Money should be the most important factor involved in changing careers. Whatever other questions to ask yourself, begin with: will looking for a new job bring me higher income?

It may sound crass to an idealistic young person just starting out in the job market. Unfortunately, this is often a college grad who has already made the mistake of earning an academic degree.

Your proud diploma will list a major of poly sci, history, fine art and similar dreamworld. When applying for jobs, the liberal arts grad has to ask: what the hell am I supposed to do now to earn a living?

For those already employed, the best choice is to stay on the job while preparing to move up and, if necessary, out. In my half-century in the management field, when meeting job applicants, there was always a basic truth.

The one who is already working and seeking a new job is always considered the better candidate. It may not be fair, but I often dismissed the job seeker who shows up with an academic degree in English lit, art history or birdwatching.

Some applicants arrive with a hang-dog attitude, an air of desperation, and too often, an obviously hyped-up resumé. Employers get that right away. So, the best advice for making a successful career change is first get yourself qualified to meet the requirements of the new job.

If you’re right out of college or high school with nothing more than good grades in academic subjects, get some training or higher education in a practical field. If already working and want something better, use your spare time for further practical education, so you can qualify for the climb up the success ladder.

When job hunting, your first priority is to seek out ones that offer the best income. That means both immediately and with future opportunities to earn more by promotions and other moves up that steep ladder to success.

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