Trump Vs NFL: The USA Now The HMS Pinafore

When a pro football player kneels instead of standing during the National Anthem, the President of the United States has commanded: Get that damn son of a bitch off the field! Naturally, the convoluted curse only encourages many, many more athletes to do the same up-yours knee down.

Does it all remind you of the musical scene from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta about the British Navy? Especially the lyrics about the Pinafore captain:
Bad language or abuse,
I never, never use,
Whatever the emergency;
Though “Bother it” I may
Occasionally say,
I never use a big, big D –

Also it calls attention to the fact that patriotic young Donald Trump evaded the draft and never ever, no never served in the Armed Forces of his countreeee. So, now the American commander in chief is emoting away mindless-lee as if he were a captain of the Queen’s Nay-vee.

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