Hugh Hefner Gets Laid By Marilyn Monroe

The movie sex goddess graced the very first Playboy cover in 1953. As his final tribute, the late magazine mogul bought the burial plot next to her grave at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles. There, for eternity they’ll lie together.

When I asked some of my fellow horny old guys if they’d seek such a final unresting place, here are some grave choices of postmortem partners: I want to be buried next to….
Mae West: She said come down and see me sometime.
Catherine the Great: She wasn’t called great for nothing.
Marie Antoinette: No worry about headstrong nagging.
Amelia Earhart: If she started to nag, I’d say get lost!
Eve: In the Garden of Eden, but watch out for snakes.
Any Kardashian female: The world will thank me!
Hillary Clinton: If you don’t mind ghostly howls: I shoulda been President!

3 thoughts on “Hugh Hefner Gets Laid By Marilyn Monroe

  1. akiwigirlabroad

    I don’t think Hugh Hefner deserves the mentions/accolades he is getting. Sure he lived a life many men would love to have but the lionising of him is just awful.
    re: Marilyn Monroe, he bought the nudes she had taken as a
    young, broke, struggling actress. Nudes, done for a calendar. Years later, Hefner bought them off the calendar company and launched his magazine with those photos. Huge success. Didn’t pay her a dime, or even thank her, not that she’d want a thank you. She was embarrassed & terrified it would hurt her career. Then, after she died he bought the plot next to hers at the cemetery against Marilyn’s family’s wishes…

    Disrespectful and self serving right to the end.


    1. Ted Post author

      Thank you for your comment, and for previous kind words you’ve expressed for my site. In this article, I assume you realized the double entendre of my headline, indicating the late Hefner will be laid to rest in a burial plot next to the late Marilyn.

      Liked by 1 person


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