Las Vegas Murderer Video Poker Millionaire Winner?

Of course, the shootings were a terrible tragedy, but it seems Sin City wouldn’t speak truthfully if angels brought it from heaven. The local authorities said Stephen Paddock made a big income there from playing the video poker machines, allegedly taking home thousands of dollars a month.

As one of many seniors who regularly visit and almost always lose money in Vegas, that claim is simply an impossibility. Of course, the casino bosses know that, so why did they need to lie about it? The simple fact is that video poker machines are electronically controlled to pay back about 90¢ on every dollar put in.

If you’re a regular slot gambler, you’ll always eventually lose. Of course, there are lucky players who hit a large pay-off and walk away, but that’s very rare. The law of averages is absolute, and if you stay at the flashy video poker machines long enough, you will lose money. Why did they lie about the guy’s winning at video poker? We can only guess that the casino bosses want to hype video poker playing for future suckers, rather than investigate the real reasons for the murders.

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