Havana, Cuba: U.S. Diplomat Eardrums Blasted By Electronics

Spies and counterspies are still trying to figure out if there was a deliberate attempt recently to injure our guys in Havana. The sound is described as a super-loud screech that causes nausea, pain, disorientation and yearning to get the hell out of the sneaky Commie nation.

For appropriate revenge, I suggest a similar horrifying noise be blasted continuously against Cuban diplomat ears now on duty in the U.S. Consider any annoying:

TV commercials starring Flo, Energizer Bunny, Geico Gecko or local used car pitchman
Hillary and/or Donald squawking political speech
TV commercials selling snake oil meds and cable subscriptions
Ear-splitting rock band performance
Kardashian family members screeching gossip
Roseanne Barr screaming the National Anthem
Yapping home team fans in the stands as visiting QB calls signals

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