More Feinstein Accusers Join The Fray Every Day

Batches of show biz ladies are angry at the Hollywood producer, and it goes on and on. Considering all his extracurricular activities, one wonders how horny Harv had enough time to make movies.

Sensing there may be cash payoffs in the complaints, some of the accusers are going back a decade or more to report the alleged unwelcome Weinstein foolery. Could it be that his offenses will go even further beyond into much earlier history by offended famous ladies?

Eve says he was the slithering critter that got her kicked out of Eden.
Cleopatra claims he grabbed her asp.
Joan of Arc says he stripped off her armored chastity belt.
Lady Godiva insists he was the original Peeping Harv.
Amelia Earhart told him to go fly and get lost.
Helen of Troy says he refused to wear a Trojan.
German Empress Catherine reveals Harvey has a flaccid wine stein.

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