Love Old Movies & Sitcoms, But They’re Getting Unwatchable

Lucy, Seinfeld, Raymond, Simpsons, Friends, Scarlett, Casablanca, Godfather, Shawshank, Oz, Vertigo and all those other old friends. After my daily two hikes, swim and several online blogging hours, this 92-year-old couch potato enjoys relaxing with old memories on my TV.

The Wizard of Oz takes me back to childhood. I enjoy memories of Casablanca, with Bogie and Bergman, World War 2 history and John Wayne westerns. Classic old musicals with Debbie, Frank and Gene provide comfortable images and sounds.

TV shows from late in the last century remind me of enjoying them originally with my growing family. However, those old shows come back at an ever increasing and painful price.

Except for PBS, on all of today’s major network TV broadcasts there are commercials. As intrusive and repetitive as they are, statistics show that only about six minutes per hour’s network program are commercials. However, all of the old movies and TV sitcoms are played on independent stations, and take up an average of at least 11 boring minutes per hour.

There are two major reasons ads are making the old programs unwatchable. They’re broadcast in batches of five or six in a row, often causing this old watcher to forget what the original program was all about. It’s also the very annoying content of the ads. Network commercials are about new cars, travel, chain restaurants, clothing and other almost welcome products.

However, on the local stations the old TV sitcoms and movies are endlessly interrupted by shrill announcers hawking products, and the most obnoxious are medications. Called snake oil by old circus barkers, they offer miraculous healing for sore backs, skin blemishes, fat bodies, as well as cures for sexual problems. Most are obviously aimed at we senior couch potatoes.

Realistically, as a long-retired ad dept mgr, I understand the hometown TV stations need the ad money to stay in business. However, it’s pure torture when the exact same boring, brainwashing, interrupting commercials are repeated hour after hour, day after day and month after month.

1 thought on “Love Old Movies & Sitcoms, But They’re Getting Unwatchable

  1. whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses99

    while traveling my husband and I love to listen to Radio classics on Sirius. “Johnny Dollar”, “lone Ranger”, lots of comedy etc. We were getting tired of hate radio news and happened across this when visiting a relative. We love it! When we are at home, we love to look for old movies. Nothing like watching the old stuff!!



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