Suggested Halloween Costumes For Cynical Seniors

Every year, creative celebrants come up with costumes inspired by the news, such as antics of politicians and celebrity foibles. Here are some inspirational costume ideas for seasoned Halloween night wanderers that portray colorful characters they encounter every day:

Movie mogul: Creep thru the neighborhood while grabbing teen girls
World leader: Wear orange wig while grabbing slightly older girls
Clown: In goofy uniform as your favorite dictator of today or yesterday
Cop: Then chase away annoying Halloween kids who knock on your door
Waiter: Stride around with snotty attitude and thumb in dish of soup
Lawyer: Walk backwards and pitch reverse mortgages to clueless seniors
Rock star: Stagger down the street with needles sticking out of both arms
Assisted living nurse: Dress in white with greedy hand out for more money

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