Smartphones Cause More And More Dumb Accidents

As a very old guy with mobility challenges, I’ve joined the ranks of people who hate the little electronic boxes and people who are glued to them. The most serious problems are car accidents that happen when the driver’s eyes and ears are distracted by the smartphone sounds and screens.

It was bad enough when it was just sound, but it has become deadly when eyes and brains are distracted by the little video images or while texting. My added gripe is that smartphones have made walking and crossing the street dangerous, especially for we seniors whose eyes, ears and reflexes ain’t what they used to be.

And now the sidewalks aren’t safe. In fact, because of many accidents, the city of Honolulu just enacted a law that fines walkers for talking while glaring into their little boxes. Those distracted phone freaks striding in my direction aren’t looking where they’re going, and I too frequently must dodge away or get bumped aside.

Worse, bikers who should use the streets, zoom illegally along the sidewalk while eyeballing and clicking on their smartphones. Let’s hope other cities will soon have laws protecting the defenseless sidewalk senior, kids and everyone else.

So, smartphone driving, biking and walking addicts, listen to a potential victim. If you gotta yak, peer and click at the little screen, first pull over to a safe spot. Or the sudden end of your conversation could be a car crash or little old me crush.

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