Why All The Fuss About Sexual Harassment?

Poor Harvey Weinstein’s reputation has been stripped more bare than some of the young actresses on his casting couch. He lost his job, membership in professional organizations, university honors and other punishments. It seems the only club not dishonoring him is the Hair Club for Men.

As with Cosby, Clinton and scores of other scoring accusations, it won’t stop until all the other horny male boss scandals echo through the Hollywood Hills. Now, hundreds of would-be actresses and their lawyers are on a super cash-in crusade to strip down producer predator bank accounts.

Absolutely nothing new here. Since caveman times, kings, emperors, pharaohs, generals, admirals and business tycoons have exercised the right to choose the fairest maiden in the land. Even earlier, animal instincts have always been that top male lions get the most fertile females. OK, so the richest old human males get prettiest young ladies

Instead of ganging up on Harvey, maybe we should blame Mother Nature. Sex, the urge to merge, is necessary to continue the species of all mammals. And it isn’t just Hollywood that distorts the primal instinct. The horny boss guys will always prowl Wall Street, Washington DC, rock bands, pro athletes, the Pentagon and college profs. Any former students remember an A for a Lay?

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