Non-human Sex Tails May Soon Flood Hills Of Hollywood

It’s never ending in daily news reports. Old movie execs casting-couching young actresses, dirty male actors molesting clean young boy actors. Greedy female stars and lawyers filling their wallets. And all getting worse. Rumors are now emerging that animal actors may soon hop into the fray and make shocking legal headlines:
Lassie, actually male, says he was castrated to make his bark more bitchy.
Mickey Mouse cheating on Minnie with Daisy Duck.
Trigger accusing Roy Rogers of abusive mounting.
Willie the Whale flipping off Flipper the Dolphin.
Morris the Cat transgendering into Maurine the Pussy.
Cheetah says Tarzan goes ape at swinger parties in the trees.
Babe the Pig banned from Hollywood pork barrel cash for ham acting.

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