World Series: Grossly Inflated Tickets & Juiced Baseballs

There’s no joy in Dodgertown as the Astros win and go home with the loot. While the memory fades, I can’t help brooding about the average ticket price for the 7th game between Los Angeles and Houston Astros at Dodger Field. It was more than $1,700.

That was for spending two hours seated next to drunks and screamers while off in the far distance some guys hit balls and ran around the field. Of course, added on ticket prices were $100 parking, $25 hot dogs and $20 beer in small paper cups.

It all takes this old guy back to a game at Philly’s Shibe Park, when the Yankee star Joe DiMaggio set the season hitting streak record of 56 consecutive games. It was against the Athletics on July 17, 1941, and my big brother took me to the game. He was 19 and I was 15.

Within several months, on December 7, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. My brother was at the Army recruiting station the next day, and served in the Pacific. I had to wait until I hit 17 to enlist in the Navy, and also served in the Pacific and the Philippines.
And did I forget to mention that our day at the ball park cost 50¢ each for bleacher seat tickets, plus 5¢ per soda and hot dog? We didn’t need the parking lot because we had no car, and paid 7.5¢ for a Philly trolley car ride to the stadium. And nobody questioned whether Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio’s hits were with juiced baseballs.

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