Frankenstein To Franniestein & Birth L’il Monsters

Didja see the latest predictions from a nutcase medical labor-ah-tory? It may soon be physically possible for men to have transplanted uteruses, then be impregnated and give birth. The news also implies that it will be incentive for transgender former males to have the ultimate female mommy experience.
Imagine some of the scenes in this gender-bending drama:
Hey, guys. I can’t go to the strip club with you tonight. I think my water just broke.
When I said I was going into labor, I didn’t mean I was joining the union.
Junior, I want you to grow up and then grow out just like your Daddy.
This isn’t a beer belly. It’s actually an heir belly.
Madonna is changing her lyrics to Papa Don’t Breech.
Eddie Fisher would sing Oh, My Papa Who’s Also My Mama.

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