From Hollywood To Heaven: Sexuality Is History

The flood of show biz abuse stories and lawsuits blaring out every day are reaching ridiculous proportions. The hysteria is distorting the most basic human behavior, and just maybe, our survival.

Is this an insane rush to end sexual relations between men and women forever? Even tho horny old guys shouldn’t proposition vulnerable girls and boys, we hope young male adults will keep doing it. Or else, how will babies get here to continue the human race?

Anyhow, all this talk about those horny old guys molesting people is nothing new. It reminds us of similar sexual incidents in human history:

Cleopatra: The dirty old Pharaoh keeps grabbing my asp.
Marie Antionette: Isn’t this giving head going a bit too far?
King Midas: Girl, be thankful I touched it. Everything I touch turns to gold.
Lincoln: Four score and seven guys didn’t score.
Goliath: Hey, Dave, did you get me stoned so you could have a giant gay old time with me?
Adam: Gee, Eve, how can you accuse me of molesting another woman?
Jesus to Mary Magdalene: Cease the holier than thou routine, thou street slut!
Bill Clinton: I did not have sexual relations with that woman …. In the last hour or so.
Donald Trump: Hasn’t committed his worst sexual abuse yet, but give him time.

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