Sex: We All Gotta Do It Because Momma Nature Says So

We’re being overwhelmed by countless breaking news tales about dirty old guys molesting innocent young wannabe actors and actresses. However, let’s face the truth. Disgusting or divine, sex is our basic primeval requirement to keep the human race from dying out.

Whether it happens in a honeymoon suite, back seat of a car, up a tree, behind the bushes or on a casting couch, it’s the natural reproduction process of animals, including humans. Of course, at this moment, it’s the various distortions of the natural sex urge that make movie moguls, TV news anchors, scheming women and lawyers happy to gab endlessly about how evil it is.

Since history began, human sexual behavior has been controlled by tribal elders, whether they be priests, kings or politicians. They make strict behavior rules that must be obeyed, despite the simple fact is that the basic urge too often goes against those restrictions.

So, whatever your urgent plans are to perform the Mother Nature routine, go right ahead. Of course, be sure to feel just a little bit guilty. That way you’ll enjoy it much more.

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