Online Ads: Obnoxious, Intrusive Interruptions

Of course, it was only a matter of time. First there were 50 years of TV ads that included a couple one-minute interruptions per hour. Now we must endure 20 and more minutes of every 60 with endlessly repeated and intrusive pitches.

Interruption revolution. So, it also had to happen on our computers, smartphones and other electronic sight and sound devices. Ads on computers were almost bearable 25 or so years ago. When I clicked in for news or other info, my old reliable desktop Mac flashed just what I asked for without ads.

Today sudden obnoxious pitches are shoved in front of my eyes before I can get to whatever website I want to see. And the in-your-face and ears ads blast your senses endlessly. Even when you click off an unwanted ad, it comes back again and again, often blocking your sight and hurting your ears.

I’m a very old PR and sales promo pro, and slaved for decades at a major insurance company. Maybe I’m boasting a bit, but I don’t remember writing any material that was deliberately loud, obnoxious and intrusive. Now retired for almost 30 years, I consider my career decades were the good old days.

Do you remember when Milton Berle offered funny live Texaco commercials? And announcer Ed McMahan doing live dog food commercials on the Johnny Carson show? That wasn’t click bait, and it was actually almost enjoyable!

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