Euthanasia Is Not A Kids’ Sports League In China

Hey, we all gotta go when it’s over, and no one ever made it out of this world alive. Except maybe one or two historic holy guys who begat religions. However, euthanasia, the mercy killing of hopelessly ill, near-death hospital patients has been an ongoing controversy for centuries.

Let’s just face the bare facts. Assisted living is actually assisted dying. Nursing homes are businesses, and they keep patients alive as long as possible to keep those big bucks coming in. However, some stark reality may be interrupting that normal business as usual. And it’s coming from a very unexpected source, a Catholic hospice.

News reports are that the Brothers of Charity in Brussels, Belgium, is considering allowing its terminally-ill patients and their families to make the choice of euthanasia, which is assisted dying. Of course, the Vatican has always been against what is commonly called pulling the plug. Many others, especially family members who must endlessly endure old parents in hopelessly vegetated conditions, may disagree with the church.

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