December 7, 1941: Who Remembers Pearl Harbor?

Where did all the decades go? It happened 76 years ago! How many of us, including ex-swabbie me, who fought in World War 2 are still kicking? According to published stats, 16 million Americans served, and less than two million of the very old guys survive today.

At these times of remembrance, along with many other images, I recall watching street parades in the late 1930s. Marchers I saw included many World War 1 vets, then in their early 40s, and very, very old guys in their early 90s who served in the Civil War.

Of course, now as ancient as the former Union and Rebel vets, I understand that all wars are incredibly stupid. Basically, they’re started by limp old guys in fancy uniforms. They find reasons to start wars, then send healthy young teens out to kill each other. Meanwhile, munitions makers get rich and the old guys pin medals on each other.

Even more troubling is that if Japan had followed up the Pearl Harbor attack and won World War 2. Think of how terrible American life would be today! We’d all be forced to drive Japanese cars, buy their cheap toys, tv sets, smartphones, shoes and wear their clothing. Even worse, we’d have to go to their restaurants and eat sushi, tempura and okonomiyaki!

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