95-Year-Old Norman Lear’s TV Show On Nursing Home Sex

According to SHOWBIZ411, the famed producer is already shooting the first episodes he has been working on for several years. The title is “Guess Who Died?” Sadly, we fellow nonagenarians with fading sexual memories are certain that it has to be a very short series.

Consider some of the many spicy senior remarks to be aired in the sexy nursing home series:
My wheelchair or yours?
Dear, you’ll have to lower your Depends to do it right.
Help! It’s fallen and I can’t get it up.
Not sexy to wear reading glasses now, but otherwise I can’t find it.
I know the doctor said to take your pills at this hour, but don’t stop now!
Is that heavy breathing passion or are you having a heart attack?
I know you said you’re dying to be in bed with me, but not right now!

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