Are California Wildfires Caused More By Humans Than Nature?

The current devastation may grow into some of the worst in state history. Of course, the dry weather and high winds account for the spread of the fires, but the start of many can each be traced to just one lighted cigarette. It could have been tossed from the window of a passing car, dropped by a smoker who fell asleep or other thoughtless actions.

Walk down any street at any time of day or night, and you’ll see the sidewalks littered with still-burning cigarette butts. Clueless smokers also carelessly drop them in parks and other areas of vulnerable trees, shrubs and grass.

According to recent studies at the University of California, smoking is also the leading cause of burn wounds and deaths caused by the fires. So, if you’re one of the addicted smokers, please observe all safety rules. The life you save from a cigarette-caused fire may be your own.

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