Hey, Smash NYC Statues Of History’s Bad Guys!

It was inevitable that the politically-idiocy experts follow up all the trashing of monuments to evil Confederate guys in the South. Now we’re urged by politically-idealistically professors to take the jackhammer to New York City statues of George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Chris Columbus and other former, now disgraced, historic heroes.

Of course, because he had slaves, Washington’s monument in Union Square must be eliminated. The Roosevelt statue in front of the Museum of Natural History was recently splashed with red paint because it portrays him on his high horse, flanked by subjected Native American figures.

And of course, Chris at Columbus Circle was the first guy to invade the pristine land of America, grabbing ownership from the legit native owners. Who’s next? Hey, the Statue of Liberty is holding up a torch. Does that mean she’s disgracefully mourning the demise of her favorite horny politician or showbiz producer? So, let’s hammer her down into a stack of bitcoins.

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