Harry & Meghan: Where Are The Blithering Bigots?

The soon-to-be royal couple seem to be blissfully in love and making wedding plans. However, the pairing up of a 33-year-old British prince with a half-black, half-Jewish (the shayna meydl’s first name is Rachel), 36-year-old divorced actress and model should make as many angry headlines as all of Hollywood’s ongoing groping tales.

Also, London’s mayor and thousands of its citizens are Muslim. Where are the screaming protests in the streets and the burning of American, British and/or Israeli flags? And maybe just a bit less vocal, but just as ticked off, will the Church of England and Catholic clergy take umbrage? They must face having a half-Jewish princess lording it over all the Buckingham Palace royals.

However, criticism has so far been surprisingly low key for the Harry and Meghan match-up. It wasn’t that way in 1936 England. This princely controversy is familiar to those of us who can remember back that far. That’s when England’s King Edward VIII stepped down from the throne to “marry the woman I love.”

She was Wallis Warfield Simpson, also a divorced (twice) American, whose soon-to-be-dumped husband was half-Jewish. At the time, every official from the British prime minister to the head of the Church of England was fuming and fussing about Edward’s non-blushing bride choice. It seems shocking royal marriage history will soon repeat itself in merry old England.

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