Jane Fonda Hits Age 80, Facelifts Help Her Look Only 79

Seriously, with all the recent photos and video of her current appearances, Jane is in great shape, in both body and face. Ya gotta admire her spunk, considering all those marriages, political marches and that one blatantly stupid moment in Vietnam.

Of course, to pose and applaud North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners was a huge controversy. As a very old guy who did active Navy service in WW2 and Korean War, even after all the years, I certainly can’t condone her absolutely treasonable act. She and everyone else should realize, if I or any other guy in uniform had done it, the result would’ve been a jail cell in Leavenworth for at least several decades.

However, now in my advanced old age, I can understand her anti-war feelings during the Vietnam conflict of the 1970s. Even the most patriotic guys of those days realize today that the U.S. involvement was unnecessary to the point of stupidity. Of course, the same is true of the Korean War.

Come to think more about it in my senile dotage, I now believe all wars are stupid. They basically consist of old men sending teenage boys into murdering each other. Then the old guys pin medals on themselves, while rich men in the munitions business get even richer.

So, Jane, congratulations on hitting age 80 in good health, mind and beauty. May you enjoy many more years, unless you decide to happily ride one of those North Korean nuclear missiles into downtown Hollywood.

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