Why Is Cursing Some Body Parts Considered Obscene?

Now, more and more in movies and on cable TV, we hear people angrily calling each other dirty names based on formerly-private areas of the human figure. In bar fights, on playgrounds and in locker rooms, our ears are battered with graphic expressions beginning with… you dirty, rotten ….. and other vivid name-calling epithets referring to anatomy sections.

Now, just suppose other body parts were considered obscene enough to use in cursing. Examples: You dirty, rotten elbow! He’s nothing but a smelly ear lobe! I’ll kick your big fat hairy eyebrow! Who gives a rat’s kneecap! You toe nail clipping offspring of unmarried parents!

So, next time you get together with your drinking pals, just to change the routine a bit, try introducing some of those more creatively obscene anatomical curses. You’ll fall on your bare wrist with laughter!

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