Silly Cigar Warning With Winston Churchill Movie

Titled “Darkest Hour”, it’s the story of England’s great leader during World War 2. The producers just had to add a politically-idiotic message on the movie screen. Because of Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s cigar smoking, the words were:

The depictions of tobacco smoking contained in this film are based solely on artistic consideration and are not intended to promote tobacco consumption. The Surgeon General has determined that there are serious health risks associated with smoking and with secondhand smoke.

Of course, we’ve often heard that smoking can cause cancer and shorten lifespans. However, Churchill, never seen without a cigar and who also drank heavily, died at the ripe old age 90. Other celebrity cigar smokers, including George Burns, lived to 100, while Sigmund Freud and Groucho Marx passed away at 87.

British actor Gary Oldman, who portrayed Churchill in the movie, has been married five times. Most likely, being addicted to that dangerous habit could adversely shorten your lifespan much more fatally than cigar smoking.

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