How In The Hell Did I Manage To Live This Long?

Tho a bit slower, my 92.5-year-old brain and body still function with an active daily routine. I take two 30-minute hikes, shoot candid photos, swim a dozen laps, as well as research, write and post at least three online articles. I must be doing something right.

So, if my bragging can help others facing those sunset years, here are my rambling thoughts. I officially retired almost three decades ago at age 65. At the time I weighed 190 pounds, much too blubbery on a 5’8” frame. I was short of breath and too lazy to stop stuffing myself or to exercise. I began a daily routine of hiking, biking, swimming and calisthenics for at least an hour.

I stopped excessive eating, confined it mostly to fresh, healthy foods. I limited booze to one small bedtime brandy. Within several post-retirement months, my weight dropped at about a pound a week. After a year, I weighed 145, and have maintained it ever since.

In addition to diet and physical exercise, I also keep my aging brain on regular exercise. When I retired, I still had a kid in an expensive university. So I took a management job with a city community center that covered tuition and living expenses. After five years, I stayed on the job as a daily volunteer for another five years.

Another factor is that, after one sickening pack of cigarettes at age 15, I never smoked. Meanwhile, I sadly read obits through the years of nicotine-addicted friends and relatives who died before they reached their 70s.

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