Marijuana Is Now Legal In California, But…

California dreamin’. The Mamas & The Papas song predicted 50 years ago what just started to happen in the state. You can now puff all those joints you desire without worrying about breaking the law. So, as the old drill sergeant often barked: Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Of course, weed has been legally sold in California for many years, but under idiotic rules that it had to be medically prescribed, available only from certain retail sources and other restrictions. Now, it’ll be as easy to get as cigarettes, cigars, booze and other stuff that enhances addiction and shortens lifespans.

Of course, there are still questions as to the benefits of the legislation. Will the new law and tax income to the state coincide with pay increases for California legislators? With all the pot smokers on the road, can you imagine being on Los Angeles freeways during drive time? So, smoke as much weed as you like, just stay home with your cannabis befogged brain while I’m out there in my car.

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