Is Donald Trump In Long Line Of Flawed Presidents?

No matter the political party, American voters in at least the past several decades have managed to elect the worst candidates. And that certainly includes the most recent election, where both were about as qualified as Donald Duck. Maybe some of it is my own reaching of advanced old age and realizing that everyone, great or insignificant, is a flawed human. And some, very flawed.

Consider the Presidential line-up, starting with Nixon, and on through Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Ford, the Bush boys, Obama and, now, Trump. Nixon resigned in shame. Johnson and Carter were both good ole Southern boys, and their frequent mistakes clearly illustrated their flaws.

Reagan was a movie actor playing out the script, while Clinton spent most of his time just playing out. Ford was President for what seemed like a short weekend, and barely managed to stumble through the White House. Well, at least his First Lady created the Betty Ford Clinic.

The Bush daddy lasted one term, while his son made his two tiresome terms seem like six. And then we had Barry the Barrier Breaker, who went directly from lowly Chicago social worker to the White House because it was time for a color change there.

Now we’ve elected the guy who reminds us of every used car salesman, snake oil barker and casino pit boss we ever met. Also, if you’re up on all the current news, you know the growing anti-Trump mob is lighting torches and grabbing their pitchforks. And with some of his formerly close pals waving the biggest torches, who knows what will happen. Is the name President Pence being whispered today in both Democrat and Republican headquarters?

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