For Creative Travel Photos, Composition & Juxtaposition

On your next trip to a scenic area, whether crowded Times Square or lonely Sahara desert, get creative with your smartphone camera. Of course, when with family and friends, first take the usual selfie of everyone grinning in front of the White House, Kremlin or Eiffel Tower.

Then, to enrich your travels shoot some candid photos that show your artistic talent. Compose various elements, such as typical scenes you’ve always admired on other journeys. Capture the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, line-up of boats in the Venice Canal, artists painting along the Seine in Paris, tourists strolling the Great Wall of China.

Next, for even more enjoyment, consider juxtaposition. That’s finding scenes that feature more than one subject relating to one or more others. The most famous would be a pose that looks like your close-to-camera spouse is touching the top of the distant Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Kids and animals provide some of the best. For example, a little girl feeding a horse in Central Park, joggers running in several directions, street musicians with dancing audience members. Look closely for creative scenes and you’ll find and record them right before your eyes.

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