Oprah Winfrey For President? Why The Hell Not?

It may have happened at the Golden Globes program. From her well-prepared speech and hysterical cheering by all the black-clad sycophants, her rocket to the 2020 elections blasted off. Already a billionaire, she won’t need to campaign for contributions, fundraising, bribes nor purchased politicians.

As with movie stars President Ronald Reagan and Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, most of the 2020 voters will have grown up worshipping TV star Oprah Winfrey. Her promise could be, instead of Herbert Hoover’s promise of a chicken in every pot, a free car in every garage. And when she brings her long-time companion, Stedman Graham, with her into the White House, maybe he’ll be called First Laddy.

There’s also a question of who would oppose Oprah in the 2020 election. Why not other show biz stars who are already experienced as make-believe presidents? Julia Louis Dreyfus and/or Morgan Freeman would be excellent in the roles. And how about Gary Oldman, who portrayed Winston Churchill in this year’s big hit movie?

Now, almost seriously, could any of the above-named pretend world leaders be any less qualified than those two who staggered through the 2016 elections?

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